What We Do

Leading Venture Investment & Support while pursuing longer lasting impact.


We consider the impact
of our service to the people,
community and the profit


We believe our continuous
innovation will contribute
success of our investors and
the projects we are involvin


Philosophies, abilities and
personalities of our members
are the key to bring success
to our investment

Who We Are

Our Team

Lorenzo Kim
CEO / Founder

Venture Capital Investment
& Business Development

Don Lee
Managing Partner

Business Administration Head
Finance & Venture CFO background

Minkyu Park
Managing Partner

Startup Incubation Head
Catalyst for Public, private
& academia collaboration

Subin Park
General Manager

Finance & Accounting
Project Management

Hojin Park
General Manager

Startup incubation
& accelerating specialist

Yang Young-soon
General Manager

Operation of SNU Siheung Bio Startup Campus

Yoo-jeong Kim

Seoul startup cafe Nakseongdae branch operation

Junsu Kim
General Manager

Nakseong Venture Startup Center

Lee Ha-kyeom
General Manager

Nakseong Venture Startup Center


Seunglan Kim
Advisory Board Member

Private-public partnership
Network Catalyst

Youngkee Shin, MD, PhD
Chairman, Advisory Board

Prof. Seoul National Univ.
Founder of Abion, Inc.

Terrence Ko, MD
Advisory Board Member

Neurologist | Programmer
Medical technology mixologist
Founder of Genobio, Inc.

Kayoung Lee
Advisory Board Member

Former founding partner of
the Ignite Innovators

Gabe Salgado
Entrepreneur in residence

Entrepreneurship experience in
U.S., Israel and Korea

Lorenzo Swank
Entrepreneur in residence

Startup experience in the U.S. and
Korea – Founding through exit